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  • Date : 2/25/2015
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Chairman of the Board & CEO of Iran Post described the next Iranian Solar Year plans
Mehri, Chairman of the Board & CEO...

Mehri, Chairman of the Board & CEO, in his speech in a postal gathering said: “We hope to witness considerable increase in postal traffic and revenue. Postal network enjoys a very good potential and we have to focus our efforts on innovation in postal services”.    

Considering the fact that most of the countries around the world have maintained their Posts as state-owned enterprises, he said, “It is very important to convince the government that expansion of basic postal services in rural and remote areas will not run smoothly by privatizing the Post.”

While mentioning probable substitution of letter mails and decrease in its volume in near future, he stressed on rich capabilities of the Post and necessity to consider other networks.

He mentioned the expansion of physical, electronic and financial networks, either single or in a combination, as the foremost priority of the Post in the next year and added that we are going to provide 7 services in these fields which each of them will be capable to lead the Post towards development and innovation.

In another part of his speech he stated the need to identify target markets rather than marketing and added that we have to identify the real needs of governmental and private organizations and recognize their services.

Mehri also stressed on the importance of postal code and GNAF and said: “we are responsible for standardization and updating the addresses information, so we have to accelerate completion and verification of postal code data bank”.

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